everstuff (everstuff) wrote in alanrickman,

Today I am flying out to meet a friend I met 13 years ago on livejournal. We grew close and have always kept in contact since we met but due to our lives and the many miles that seperate us we have never met in person. It's been planned for months and I can't help but think it's poetic. Everything happens for a reason. She too is a fan of Alan and the fact that I'm getting to see her has helped me focus on something else.

Thank you all for tolerating my personalish posts here these last few days. It means the world to me and I hope we all have people in our lives, in one way or another, who are helping us through this deep sadness.

I said I'd be sharing more pictures here and I have a few for you today, before I leave for the airport.

For the past two days my pandora has played this song several times. I've never heard it on my playlist before.

(I should note, last night it was Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here followed by Norman Greenbaum Spirit in the Sky followed by Rolling Stones - Miss You. It made me smile.)

Because butts are funny and awesome.

Wish I had time to upload more but I've got to go!


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